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life as seniors, our love of camping and so much more. It's named after our sweet little red Riverside Retro RV - our very first camper. We hope to share ideas, campground info, recipes and just thoughts and feelings. At this stage in life we are going through so many changes and we hope to share our journey and learn from others as we navigate this time in our lives.

Monday, April 29, 2019

Our Favorite Campground, Empty Nesting, Meal Planning and More....

Well we did it again....if I'm counting right this was our fourth trip to Myrtle Beach State Park!  This has become our favorite place to camp and our go to for relaxation.  If you haven't been you may want to put it on your list.  It's wooded, lots of cool breezes, short walk to the beach and so much more.  If you are not a fan of the hustle and bustle of Myrtle Beach but love the beach this is a great choice.  Once you are in the park you won't even know you are in the middle of a tourist city.  It's just amazing.  There are trails for adventuring and in the off season there are beautiful horses that you can ride on the beach.  Pets are allowed all year, different times in the busy season, but they are allowed all day in off season.  Lucy loves it and being with all of the other pups is so much fun for her.

Greg works a lot of hours and getting away to a place where we can actually relax is so important. We talked to our neighbors and they visit this campground for two weeks twice a year.  They also had a sweet dog that Lucy made friends with.  She loves the screened room with a breeze where she can dog watch. 

 I'm looking forward to Greg retiring so that we can take trips like that. Working towards retirement is something I would like to touch on here too.  Greg will more than likely need to retire at 62 due to his health.  He may be able to do some part time things that I hope will be mobile so that we can travel and he could still be able to work.  Life is short and we know so well how fleeting it can be.  After the last year and a half, we look at things differently and our priorities have definitely changed.

Meal planning is something important that I need to focus on.  Since I am already retired I hope to take on that project with Greg's help.  I've never been good at planning - I would just wing it and we ate out way too much which is such a huge expense.  So...I hope to share some of what I learn on that subject.

We are now empty nesters and for the first time in our lives we are living alone together.  I had two little boys when Greg and I got together and we raised them along with the two we had after we married.  This is so new and different for us and we are celebrating our 34th wedding anniversary in May and we have been together 36 years.  Holy cow...I have not lived without at least one of our kids since 1978.  Truly!!!  It's an adjustment for sure but we are going to be fine....I hope.  If we can just figure out the thermostat and WIFI.....😊  Oh and scrabble matches are saving our brains least we can hope!