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life as seniors, our love of camping and so much more. It's named after our sweet little red Riverside Retro RV - our very first camper. We hope to share ideas, campground info, recipes and just thoughts and feelings. At this stage in life we are going through so many changes and we hope to share our journey and learn from others as we navigate this time in our lives.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Well We Did It Again....September Trip

Sadly we had to cancel our last two trips that we had planned due to weather and Greg's work responsibilities.  I so hate we didn't make it to Hunting Island before it was hit again by another hurricane.  It's so sad that it will be closed indefinitely.  We'll keep checking on how they're doing down there.

Finally Greg was able to break free last week and we traveled back
down to Myrtle Beach State Park.  Yes - we must really love that park.  I believe it has to be our favorite now.  We have visited there 3 times in the last year.  Its just a very relaxing beach with beautiful wildlife and woodsy surroundings.  You don't even know that you are in the middle of a busy bustling city like Myrtle Beach.  The staff is very nice and if you visit be sure to speak to Ms. Angel - she works the gate 3 days a week in the evenings.

We hope to get back to our goal of visiting different parks every month soon.  Unfortunately weather in South Carolina and surrounding states can be very volatile during hurricane season - June through November.

This is also a great beach for dogs.  Miss Lucy loves it there.  During peak months she can go on the beach after 5 PM and after Labor Day, dogs are allowed all access. She would run along side of the waves and then zoom all over the place.  There were so many awesome dogs for her to visit with and enjoy.  She loves all dogs but she doesn't quite understand that all dogs don't love her. 

For us this was a great time of the year to visit.  It wasn't quite as hot and we snagged an awesome site across from the store (20B) which enabled us to grab WIFI.  We love that area of the park and it's a short walk to the beach.  This one also included a full hook-up which is always nice and makes for an easy time when we pack up to leave.

If you like the beach and the south, this park is a must see.  Lots of wild life, shade and things to do with trails, fishing, an awesome pier and so much more.  If we could live full time at any one park this one would be on the top of our list.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Little Red Returns to Myrtle Beach State Park

We traveled back to Myrtle Beach State Park last week and we thoroughly enjoyed our trip!  This time we stayed on site #19.  It was right across the street from the bathhouse and a short distance from the campground store.  This time of year the park is very busy and bustling with campers.  I loved that, and from our little dinette we could watch campers heading out and see all the different sorts of rigs - one of my favorite things.  You can check out our last visit here.

 The weather was good for the most part with a few evening storms but that didn't slow us down. We were able to enjoy sitting on the beach two days and it was so relaxing.  Greg was able to swim a good bit while I relaxed and enjoyed the view.  Dogs can visit the beach after 5:00 PM so we took Lucy down and let her watch the waves and sit with us.  She was a little nervous but she enjoyed it too.

We set the screened room up on this trip and it was so nice to sit out there and eat and enjoy the breeze.  We always take a big outdoor fan and it made it just perfect.  We had very few bugs and no need to bring out the deet.  That's always a good thing.

We made a real effort to eat all of our meals at the campsite this trip except for fast food on the way down and on the way home.  It worked out great.  With the grill we were able to cook some delicious steaks one night and we brought along our rice cooker and made Zataran's Jambalaya one night with kielbasa.  Our oldest son and his wife gave us the cooker and it is just perfect for camping.  It's lightweight and makes an entire meal. Here is the one we have.  I would definitely recommend it!! You can saute meats and veggies right in the pot and it gives you options for different kinds of rice.  The handle makes it easily portable.

If you decide to visit this campground be sure to make reservations well ahead of time.  During in season it is really full and hard to find a spot.  We only saw a handful of empty sites.  We also visited Huntington Beach State Park which is not far and it was completely full.  These beaches are very popular.

If  you like the busy side of Myrtle Beach, this is a very inexpensive way to visit.  There are excellent restaurants, water slides, great shopping and so much more in this area.  We also love Murrell's Inlet which is close by and a must see when you come to the beach.  We have to put this campground at the top of our list for summer camping and we also loved it last year when we were there in December.  That was an awesome way to do our Christmas shopping.  This area really does Christmas big!

Again we loved camping in Little Red and have no complaints so far.  He is a trooper with a little over 3,000 miles traveled and still working like a champ.  Our only desire would possibly a walk around bed just because we are getting old and making up this one is a little bit of a challenge.  Even so we still love it!!  In September of this year we will have been on this journey for one year and it has flown by.  What a wonderful difference this sweet little red camper has made in our lives!

For our August trip we have reservations at Hunting Island State Park.  This will be our first visit since it reopened in June of this year.  We were there just before Hurricane Matthew hit so we are anxious to see how it's coming along.  Stay tuned for an update on this beautiful campground. 

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Simplified Camping Trip...James Island

We just took a three day trip to James Island County Park and we really loved it!! It was our first time visiting a county park. This time we made an effort to take as little as possible and since it was a short trip it was much easier. We have a bad habit of bring way too much food and then buying more along the way.  There is just not enough room for this ridiculousness!  Also we were having too much waste and just plain clutter.

We also were bringing too many clothes and we just don't wear them.  We are definitely old tent campers when it comes to changing clothes.  As long as they are clean, we will wear shorts several times and just change shirts.  We dress simple and comfortable and bring some nice things which we leave in the car on a hanger.  A while back we found one of those big suction sturdy hooks (see it here) and we keep it in the bathroom and hang things there that we don't want to wrinkle.  So far that is working well.

Okay - now back to the actual trip. 😊 We really loved this campground.  It is one of the only campgrounds in the vicinity of Charleston and it's beautiful.  There were swings like this scattered all around the campground, lots of trails and things to do.  They have a splash zone water park, dog park, challenge course and so much more.  There are full hook-ups and wireless which worked fairly good outside and in scattered areas.

One of my favorite things are always clean restrooms and these were awesome with ample shower areas which were private.  The lighting was also really good.  So many times we find campgrounds to be very dark at night and that is great unless you have to make late night bathroom trips.  This one very easy to manipulate at night.

We loved the onsite store and the staff was very friendly and helpful.  We spent one day in downtown Charleston and loved walking all around one of our favorite places.  We also ate at a local restaurant and had the freshest seafood which was absolutely delicious.  If you are ever in the area it's a must try.  The name is Roadside Seafood.  Its a tiny little dinner style restaurant, family owned, and everything is fresh and hot.

An also must see for us every time we visit Charleston/Mt. Pleasant area is the Kitchen & Company!  We found this place a couple of years ago and they have everything you could dream of for your kitchen including beers and wines.  We also get more forks or spoons since we are always loosing some - tell me we are not the only ones.  This is a must see and their prices are excellent!

As always, Lucy did not enjoy the ride but loved camping.  She walked, walked and walked some more and truly enjoyed it.  We did add the seatbelt clip to her car seat this time and it made a huge difference.  Since she couldn't climb all over the car trying to hide she would sit quietly in her seat and look out the window a bit.  She didn't pant furiously or seem sick so this was a win win for us!! She can still move and lay or sit anytime she wants.  She always has a stuffed animal and her blanket close by. 

We are working on a slide show of the pictures Greg took in Charleston around the Battery and I will get them linked up as soon as I can. 

As always we are loving our Little Red Retro and get away as much as we can with Greg still working.  Our next trip is a return visit to Myrtle Beach State Park - one of our favorites!!

Friday, May 26, 2017

Little Red Traveled Back to Devil's Fork...

We actually spent a whole week in one spot - first time for us and we loved it.  I didn't want to leave but of course it's always nice to get home.  Lake Jocassee is a beautiful back drop and it was just steps away from our site.  We camped on #1 this trip and we had made reservations back in October of last year for this visit.  This campground is very busy during peak times so make your plans early.  Even the tent sites fill up.

Lucy loved the lake and actually went swimming this time.  Her favorite thing to do was sit out in the screened room in front of the fan and chill.  As usual she didn't love the drive but the car seat did help.  She spent about half of the trip in her seat and slept and looked out the window..  That is a huge improvement and made us very happy.  Thanks so much to the camp host at Table Rock State Park for that idea!!

Our set up this time was awesome.  We had the screened room and our site was right beside the path to a little beach area on the lake.  That kept us from having to walk down to the main swimming area, although we did just about every day for ice and ice cream....of course.  😀  There are so many trails
and areas to walk in this park and plenty to do.  On this trip the campground was fairly packed and bustling.  We met so many people and dogs of course.  Lucy made all kinds of friends.  We have to shout out to Charles and Ashley and their dog Katie - they left us their awning on the lake and it was awesome and we left it for some kids who were there when we left.  We also met the most awesome little dog named Bud...Lucy was in love with him and he tolerated her.  He was quite the Man! 

This was the most moderate weather we have experienced so far and we cooked outside every day.  The bugs were minimal and the sun was beautiful through out our visit.  We could not have ordered a better week.  It was also our 32nd wedding anniversary mid-week so we celebrated by going into Seneca and having dinner at the local Fatz restaurant.  It was excellent and so much fun.

Our youngest and his girlfriend came down and spent the last few days with us in a tent and we all had a blast.  They canoed some and we all went to an awesome local Mexican restaurant for lunch on Friday.  We found the neatest little general store and picked up some goodies there.  It is stocked with unique canning jars, Lodge products, handmade goodies and so much more.  If you are in the area do stop by The Burgess General Store and visit with Mark and Krystal.

We love this area and will definitely visit again.  From here out until Fall this campground is super packed and hard to get reservations.  Be sure to plan ahead if you want to camp here.

So far we are still loving Little Red and he has been very reliable and very little issues - always caused by our lack of knowledge or human error.  The only thing on our list down the road would be a little larger camper - possibly a 177 or a little bigger.  A walk around bed would so nice but we still love our little 166 and we can easily tow it with our Ford Edge.

As far as gadgets on this trip we used our Coleman grill every day and it actually works better than our big gas grill that we use at home.  We would highly recommend it to anyone who camps or tailgates ....or just needs to be mobile.  The other real life saver on this trip was the "Pooper" - this was our first use of it because we were staying put for the week.  We were so happy to have it.  Being in one place and having relatively small tanks on the 166 it really made our stay so much easier.  This is something we would also highly recommend if you camp a lot where there are no full hook-ups available or you just don't want to pay extra for them.  It was quick
and easy to attach to the back of the car and drive down to empty.  It also made it easier when we left and dumped the tanks.  

We have more pics of the lake on Greg's DSLR camera and we will put those up as soon as we get them transferred.  Not sure where our next trip will take us but we'll keep you posted.  See you on the road....

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Update on Life with Little Red

We have owned Little Red for about 8 months and we have been on seven trips and visited 10 campgrounds.  We feel a little more seasoned now but still learning with every outing.  Usually we learn by mistakes but at least none have been too serious so far.  Crossing fingers and holding breath.....😌  So after having a little experience under our belts we still love camping in Little Red and we are still so enjoying the journey.  Our only regret is that we can't go more often.  We have been able to go every 4 to 6 weeks so that's not too bad.  We skipped the month of April this year because we have a week long trip planned back to Devils Fork in May.  The kids will be coming in and out during the week so we are very excited!

If I were forced to pick a favorite campground so far, I would have to say that River's End in Tybee Island would have to be my absolute favorite.  Sadly it's not a state park he so it's a little more expensive but the cost it worth it to me.  I love the close sites, the cute family style bathrooms, the cable and yes please!!  The gravel on the sites help keep things clean and it's a really a family atmosphere.  The beach is within walking distance and I absolutely love the swings on the beach...really!!  The lighthouse is right beside the campground and Tybee Island is so much fun!  Good food and entertainment.

Greg likes the state parks better and we both love Hunting Island State Park here in SC.  We camped there on our Honeymoon and went back there last September right before Hurricane Matthew came through and ravaged it.  We just found out that it has opened back up and we have reservations for August of this year.  Hopefully it won't be too sad to see how much has changed.

Here is our list  so far and we keep track of this on the left side of the blog.  We will add on as we go.  Let us know if you have questions about any of the campgrounds we have visited.  We love sharing our experiences and love hearing about others.  See you on the road....

Campgrounds Little Red Retro Visited

Monday, April 24, 2017

Mac and Cheese...Oh Yeah....

I have been searching and researching mac and cheese recipes for the longest time.  I have tried so many and could never get that creamy cheese gooey goodness I was looking for.  They always ended up dry and lacking taste or having a weird yucky taste.  Ugh!!!

On Easter I had several recipes pulled up on Pinterest that looked so yummy but I knew my chances weren't good at pulling one off.  Well this time my experiment worked and I did my best to get it all down so that I am able to recreate it.  There was one ingredient that I would never have thought of or tried but a customer of Greg's had recommended it.  It turned out to be the key ingredient!  One small can of Campbell's Cheddar Cheese soup.  Yep...that's it.  In this pic its still very creamy but if you like it a little more solid you can continue to simmer on the stove top or place it in the oven with butter, shredded cheese and bread crumbs.  So awesome!!

So here's my recipe and how I do it but there are lots of ways to accomplish good mac and cheese and Pinterest is full of them.  😋  As always this recipe freezes really well and is perfect for a take along camping.  If your fridge works on propane while driving you can put your frozen mac in the there while traveling and it will help the chill in your fridge on the road.  Frozen dinners can also keep things cold in your cooler.  When you arrive you can finish thawing and warm.  You are ready to eat.

Creamy Cheesy Mac and Cheese

2 pound box of macaroni
4 cups shredded cheese - I used sharp cheddar but you can change or mix it up
2 sticks of Velveeta Mini Blocks
2 cups milk
1/4 cup half and half
1 stick butter
Salt and Pepper to taste
1 small can cheddar cheese soup
3 heaping teaspoons corn starch
1/2 cup water 

To start I boil all of the macaroni until it's firm but not too soft.  I drain but don't rinse and put aside
in a large heavy dutch oven. I use my lodge porcelen coated cast iron one.  Cut the butter and mix with the macaroni.  This will keep it from getting too stiff.  Put the pot on low heat and season to taste.  I truly believe this pot makes a huge difference and if I decide to bake it off, it is all ready to go.  It also keeps it from sticking or burning on the bottom.

While the mac is boiling, I start the sauce in a large pot.. First add the cheese soup and place on medium heat.  Add one cup of the milk and mix well.  Add the Velveeta and simmer until completely mixed.  Place corn starch in a lidded jar and add water.  Close the jar and shake until it's all dissolved.  Pour the mixture into the sauce and continue to simmer.  As the sauce thickens add the other cup of milk.  This should be getting very creamy and not too thick.

After the sauce is creamy and all ingredients are dissolved start adding the shredded cheese one cup at a time.  I use a rubber coated whisk to keep the mixture smooth.  As soon as it is completely melted and smooth, poor over the warm macaroni and mix well.  Add half and half and continue to stir on low heat.  Let this mixture simmer until it is the desired consistence and the macaroni is soft.  If you feel it's too thick or stiff you can add more butter and milk in small amounts until it is the way you like it.

At this point if you want to bake it, add another cup of shredded cheese and melted butter to the top and sprinkle with bread crumbs.  Bake uncovered until bubbly at 375.  We like ours creamy without the bake but it is delicious either way.'s really good scooped into a bowl over a campfire. 

Monday, April 3, 2017

Little Red Travels to Table Rock State Park...SC

We had heard many things about Table Rock State Park for years but never made it there. Its approximately 3 hours from where we live so it's not a bad trip at all.  We left late on a Thursday so that we could be set up and ready to enjoy the day on Friday.  This was another set up in the dark and not without it's unique set of issues.  But....what's a camping trip without some fun troubles....Right???

So we left around 6:30 PM and with a few potty stops for Miss Lucy and a quick run through Bojangles we arrived at about 9:45.  This park is in the mountains but not too bad if you come in through the correct entrance.  😏  I should mention here that I am horribly afraid of heights.  I can enjoy the view somewhat but can't look down..ever!!!  This campground had two ways to come in and one is not for those towing or driving RV's.  That's because the road gets very narrow and sharp..I mean extremely sharp curves.  But luckily Greg was familiar with this after talking to the office before we left home and we made it in on the right side on our first try.

During set up on the pull through site we had, we got really close to the box that provides power but couldn't really see that when we set up.  Anyway after getting level and working inside to set up I got the shock of my life when somebody (Greg) forgot to take the chains off before pulling forward.  I thought Lucy and I were taking the short way home via the mountain.  But it was all good - we just lurched forward off of the lego block he had used to level up.  No harm done....except that Miss Lucy was significantly shaken up.  She just glared at us for the rest of the night.  She hates the ride in the car and thought she had snugged up in her bed to relax so this was particularly upsetting to her little system.  Poor baby...we have to work on her issues with riding in the car.  I have ordered her a car seat for dogs so we will see how that works.  More on that later.

The next morning we had an awesome view of the side of the mountain - our site was sort of down in a little valley.  We were on 43 and it was fairly level with the usual amenities of a fire ring, water and power.  This campground was fairly large with sites down at the bottom for larger rigs and camp hosts and the area we were in was mainly for travel trailers, etc.  This is a very busy state park and we really loved that.  There are so many trails and of course you can hike up to the top of the mountain.  We made it to the the second level and would love to be able to go to the top but I'm just not sure the ole knees could make it.  😆 It's a wonderful meandering path with different trails that are different difficulty levels.

The weather was nice for the whole weekend with the exception of Saturday night when the rain came in - it was very late though.  We prepped for this by putting away everything outside that night so that we wouldn't be putting away soggy wet chairs, etc.

While there we met the campground hosts which were some of the nicest we have met so far and they have a real community there.  Lucy met lots of dogs and especially loved Big Otis who was one of the hosts...he was a pit bull mix and just so sweet!!  We met some snow birds from Canada and all sorts of kiddos.  We also spotted something I have been looking at but had not see other than pictures.  It was the new Vintage travel trailer and its made very much like the Retro but bigger.  It would be too heavy for towing with our car but it was so nice.  We will have to watch those and see how they do.

All in all we loved this campground and would definitely return.  Because it's located in the mountains, we did have issues with our cell phones but awesome television reception.  Go figure.  Some of it was caused by the fact that our site was lower down.  If we walked outside we could get a little better reception.  I have a Samsung and was just able to send text messages and receive them but Greg has an IPhone and he got much better results.  Not sure why.

We are still loving our Little Red and would recommend the brand to anyone.  We still get lots of questions and comments and we are normally the only retro in the parks that we visit.  We have been told so many times that seniors with huge big rigs want to downsize because it just so much to haul and handle.  We will be doing an update on things we have learned after 6 months of use and our travels to 10 campgrounds.  More gadgets to come also. 

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Camping Gadgets and Goodies...We Got Em.....

Since we began this journey with Little Red last September, we are learning all about the need for gadgets..and goodies.....and there are lots of them.  Some are just fun and others really make so much difference in your camping experience.  I thought I would take a minute to review a few things that we have found invaluable for us. Everybody who camps has their own personal preferences but these are our favorites.  Let us know some of yours.  We love hearing about and trying new things.  So here's our list so far.

Wagon - We looked at these for years and we received this one as a gift from our Son.  We love it and it's just perfect for our car.  Ours is the blue color which works perfect with our other stuff.  😄  We actually leave it open with the wheels down in the back of our car and store things in it for the road.  Lucy also uses it as a place to hide under when she is afraid on the ride.  Really...we need to work on her car issues but that's another post.  This wagon is so easy to use I can even do it and the wheels turn so it's very east to steer.  We are so looking forwarding to using it this Spring and Summer for the beaches and lakes we visit.

Flip Flops - Now I'm not sure these qualify as a true gadget but they are on the top of our list.  We just call them flippers or floppies but as old tent campers who took many bathhouse showers, they are an essential and we have lost more pairs than I can count as well as just plain worn them out.  They become our go too shoes because they can be hosed off, thrown in a bag etc and they are just comfy.  Our new favorites are the Okabashi which I originally found at the gift shop at a campground.  Then I found them on Amazon so we both have a pair.  For us they are hands down the most comfortable flips we have ever had and they are solid one piece construction.  Check these out and you may never go back to the old style.  They are also very reasonably priced.

Collapsible Bag - These bags are indispensable and we use them for several functions every trip.  These sides snap and they stand up.  The elastic strap  wraps over it to flatten it when not in use.  We pack them and put them on the bed during travel.  One our last trip I even used one to pack my clothes and stored it at the end of the bed.  It worked perfect for me.  This one is a little different from the link but there are so many choices on Amazon.

Dog Bowl - We found this little dog bowl when we were on a camping trip and we have been amazed at what a difference it makes.  Lucy cannot spill it and so far we haven't either. 😄 This is the bottom side and it has sections for her food and water and the little feet really work.  We had tried different bowls but always spilled.  I forgot to empty it on one trip home and not a drip ended up on the floor.  It was very inexpensive.  We have such limited floor space in the 166 but this one fits right by the fridge beside the bathroom door.  We are able to squeeze a small trash can there too.  This link is not the exact one but it is very close.

Hooks - I can't say enough good things about this hook.  It attaches with an adhesive type rubber backing and is easily removable just like Command hooks. can reattach it by wetting and reapplying.  This particular one holds up to 20 pounds.  We put it up in the bathroom and it was the perfect place for hanging clothes.  It worked great and has not slipped a bit.  Love it and we will get more of these.  If you camp in a small camper or any camper, then you know that hooks are so important. 

Okay - these are just a few of our favorites and we are learning each time we go out what works and what doesn't.  We have more to talk about like our portable grill which is just awesome and our tag along potty tank - AKA the pooper.  We will be trying it out on our week long trip to Devils Fork in May.  Next up is the round up and pics from our trip recently to Table Rock State Park.  It was awesome and so much to do there.  Definitely on our return list.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

On the Road.....

Tybee Island Lighthouse
At the end of February we made a week long trip in Little Red.  I was a little apprehensive but we so thoroughly enjoyed it.  We pushed ourselves to see if we could make it through 4 different campgrounds within the week.  We started out with Tybee Island and camped at Rivers End.  From there we traveled down to Tamoka State Park in Florida and then to Blue Springs and finally Fort Clinch.  It was so much fun and we will definitely do this again.  This trip also taught us more about packing up and setting up in short order and making adjustments for each campground.  We set up and visited Blue Springs in full pouring rain but still enjoyed every minute.  Warning this may be a long post.

Our first stop on this almost week long trip was Tybee Island and Rivers End Campground .  This was our first visit to a non-state park in Little Red and we just loved this campground.  All sites are covered with gravel which helps to keep things clean.  They have full hookups, cable television and wireless all through the campground.  The bathhouses are all family style and very clean.  The beach is just a short walk and you can visit the lighthouse on the way.  This beach is so beautiful and there are actual swings set up right on the beach so that you can sit and relax and watch the waves.  I wish had gotten a pic of them..they were just awesome.  This is a quaint little
campground and the sites are very close together.  This is our little site and each one comes with a picnic table and fire ring. We were there the weekend before President's Day so it was absolutely full.  We really enjoy that and it was so much fun.  This one will definitely be on our return list.  While we were in Savannah, we visited Wilmington Island which is where we spent our honeymoon almost 32 years ago.  Back then we stayed at the Savannah Inn and resort for two nights and then camped at Huntington Island for the rest of the week.  We were able to visit the location but now it's condominiums.  We also visited Fort Pulaski and it is a must see if you get to this area.  We were able to get a picture of us in the same place that we took one on our honeymoon. So much fun!!

From there we headed further south to Tamoka State Park and Campground in Florida.  I have to say the campgrounds in Florida were a great surprise.  All 3 we visited on this trip had big clean newly refurbished bath houses and they were very clean and enjoyable.  Tamoka reminded us a lot of Hunting Island here in South Carolina.  We love Hunting and its closed right now for repairs from last year's storm Matthew so this was perfect. This is the view from the outpost - so relaxing and calm here.  There is boating, fishing and more in this area.  Campsites include the usual with a table, fire ring as well as an area to hang your trash. etc.  We drove into Ormond Beach and it did not disappoint!  It is so clear and the water is so blue and you can actually drive on the beach!!  This is a foreign concept for us but we really wanted to try it....but we didn't.  There is a big picture of the aqua lifeguard station on the left border of the blog. Of course that is one of my favorite colors and one of my favorite pics from the trip!

We then headed on to Blue Springs State Park and Campground and of course it was beautiful!!  It was pouring rain the entire day when we arrived so we didn't put out our full set up.  This is one of the fantastic bath houses with washer and dryer included along with a drink machine.  I know not everybody cares about the that but I do.  😊 The manatee were running while we were there and we were actually able to see a few swimming and spouting water.  We couldn't actually get a picture from where we were but it was awesome anyway.  Fish were jumping
high in the air and coming back down on their side.  I had never seen anything like it.  The next day we walked back down to the springs before we left and it was sunny and bright.  The area was full with kids and dogs everywhere - we loved it.  Lucy quite enjoyed meeting several other doodles who were visiting. The sites there were wooded and included fire rings and a large picnic table.  There is much to do here with boating, kayaking, canoeing, along with boat tours of the springs.  We would love to spend a few days there when we go back.

Our last stop was Fort Clinch State Park and Campground.  I wasn't really thinking I would like this one but it was great.  It's unusual in that the fort is in the campground or vice versa...not sure which.  We actually saw an armadillo on our camp site several times during our stay.  He was so cute but he didn't take to Lucy and he would start burrowing as soon as he saw her.  The drive into this campground is just beautiful and the tree branches drape across and
meet in the middle.  The bath houses were newly refurbished and fit right into the fort setting.  The sites included the usual picnic table and fire ring and were wooded and clean.  The fort was just a short walk and the campground has about 22 sites right on the beach.  They were amazing and we would definitely like to try one of those next time. There is a long pier and boardwalk out onto the beach as well.  It was closed for repairs while we were there.

Well that was it and from there we were headed back home.  If we had not needed to be home, we would have definitely stayed longer.  We got into a rhythm of setting up and just staying one night was not bad at all.  We can set up Little Red in about 30 minutes now and get ready to move in about the same amount of time.  We are still loving our little guy and still would greatly recommend a Retro to anyone looking for a small light weight camper.   The only issues we have had so far were totally user error.  Since this post has grown way too long I will save those stories for another day.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Can We Talk....Potato Soup and More....

I have been so lax in getting up our post about our week long trip in Little Red.  Just haven't been able to get the ole brain working.  😬  Every trip we take, I think that I will take a few minutes and give a little background on our journey, but the excitement of the travel takes over.  I don't share the details much but today I felt the need to put it out there for those who may be in a similar situation.  I hope that sharing may help those who have the same struggles.

I have some frustrating and complicated health issues that make camping interesting  Lets say that.  I have some structural problems like a lot of people our age - I'm 60.  Moving and manipulating can be a slow process but for the most part we do fine.  But...and this is a big one...I also have MCI.  Now if you don't know what that is then I am so happy for you because if it has entered your life through a parent, sibling, spouse or even yourself then you know what the deal is.  MCI stands for mild cognitive impairment.  I'm sure there could be a better name for it because for many of us mild just doesn't cut it.  Anyway, in my case it can make for frustrations that just don't make sense and Greg has to deal with that.  So far so good.

Greg surprised me when he moved ahead and ordered Little Red.  We had looked at vintage campers for years and had dreamed of owning one once he retired.  Last year I think he realized that we needed to do it now....while we still can.  For me, I can tell you that camping has been the best thing I could do for myself and for Greg.  It has brought me back to living in the now and truly helps me stay focused and moving forward.  Prior to getting the camper I had become a rocking chair Grannie ---- and I don't even have grandchildren.  😊  I can't explain it but I would recommend it to anyone dealing with any of these types of issues.  Get out there and enjoy life...don't waste a minute.

Okay for main reason for this post.  Potato Soup....we are dealing with a cold snap here in SC and I'm not complaining because I know it's much worse in other parts of the country.  All kinds of potato soup is a staple around here.  We love it and it also gives us a break from meat once in a while.

This is my recipe and I just change it up depending on what I have on hand.  I made it today with just potatoes and carrots.  There are a few things that make it so much easier.  I try to keep gravy mixes like these on hand.  They
are great for thickening so many different things and they add so much flavor.  This type of bullion also makes a huge difference in taste and I love it.  You have to refrigerate it after opening but it is so worth it. 
With these two ingredients you can make lots of good stuff and they are great for camping if you like to cook.  I have thrown in chicken and corn and made chicken chowder. Another thing that goes with the soup so well are Red Lobster Cheddar Biscuits.  They turn out crisp and you can even break them into your soup.  Oh My!!!  Pot pies turn our great using these and crescent rolls.  Use your imagination and enjoy!!

If you've made it this far, thanks so much for listening to my rambling on.  The post on the Florida trip will be up soon.  Our next destination is Table Rock at the end of this month.  Looking so forward to this beautiful area!