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Monday, July 8, 2019

So What Have We Learned....Life in a Tiny RV

Camping in an RV has been such a learning experience for us.  While we camped for years it was always in tents.  Almost three years ago when we made the leap and brought Little Red home we had no idea just how different it would be.  Life changing for us!  This pic is from Google Images and our campsite sure never looked like this.  There was usually lots of dirt...everywhere, so much heat and freezing when it was cold and rain....the rain is just too much fun!  Once we even brought an electric blanket with us on a particularly cold outing. That was life changing at the time.

Since we've been tiny RV campers we have made lots of mistakes and learned so much.  I believe this has made us a little better but we still have so much to learn. I guess that never ends and that's what makes it all fun and exciting.  Here are a few things I wanted to share that I wish I had known in the beginning.  Enjoy!  😆

1.  Always always unhook your chains before you pull your tow vehicle forward!  That lesson only took one try and Lucy and I were inside the camper when Greg pulled this trick.  It was quite a jerk...we're not a fan!

2.  Don't leave your sink running while you run outside to see the latest dog walking by!  I did learn that our little camper is sealed up pretty good.  The water ran down through the drawers and to the floor across to the dinette. It was an easy clean up but just don't do it!

3.  Be sure your spouse/significant other is out of the way when you are parking the camper.  Hitting this person or your dog with the camper can truly put a damper on the whole outing.  Luckily I move pretty quickly when necessary.  No more details necessary.

4.  Apologize profusely for your actions when you are backing the camper into a difficult spot.  Stay calm and take your time and remember that you have to camp with this person after you accomplish this task!

5.  Take alternative activities because many times even your cell phone won't get reception and if you're an addict (Greg) you won't be happy.  😛 We take a few games, books, cards, etc.  I know this sounds like simple stuff but I can't emphasize this enough if you're a new camper.  When we were younger we had kids to occupy our time.  As seniors it can get pretty quiet.  Scrabble is one of our favorites!

 6.  Don't take too much can buy more most of the time and it's actually fun to visit local stores/markets.  We love to eat and get way too excited about meals and filling up the fridge and cooler as well and more.  In a small camper there isn't much room for dry goods and the fridge isn't that big either.  So we are constantly moving and shuffling food and then end up taking a good bit back home with us.  We are really working on getting this under control because nobody wants heavy canned goods falling on their head when their significant other is digging through the cabinets.  Lucy has no patience for that foolishness!

7.  BUG spray is an essential.  When we tent camped we knew this but somehow forgot with our RV.  For some reason I'm a bug magnet - Greg not so much.  A lot of the places we camp are inundated with bugs and that can really put a damper on things.  We have found Skin So Soft from Avon truly works and there are no dangerous chemicals, etc.  It smells pretty good too.  Greg goes for the industrial stuff that would knock a bug dead at 50 feet.  He stinks but it works.

8.  Leave stuff you don't need at hand in your two vehicle.  We have very limited space and trying to take shoes, too many clothes, too much food, etc. all in the camper at once makes for lots of irritability and falls getting to the bathroom in the middle of the night.  Now we leave everything that's not needed in the car and we get what we need when we need it.

9.  Don't spray lots of aerosol air freshener in a small camper....even if for obvious reasons!  It will set off your carbon monoxide alarm and that's just no fun!  It takes forever to clear it and make it stop.  Just don't do it!  Open a window. Buy some of this stuff - it works and doesn't cause a vapor.  

I think that's enough for now but we have made so many more mistakes that we can share.  Sharing is caring....😏  See you on the road.

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