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Thursday, July 11, 2019


Ugh.....Ive been dreading this post but looking forward at the same time.  We have been going back and forth for a couple of years now about moving up to a little larger camper.  We are so very emotionally attached to our Little Red Retro and the brand.  One minute we tell ourselves that we have to find a larger camper in the brand and the next we are looking and ogling less expensive options with more room for the money.  Our biggest challenge where we live is finding the Retro we want in our area without going through a long order process and again getting a camper that we have never seen up close and personal.

If you have ever traded a camper - just like a car, there is a lot of depreciation and of course a dealer has to make money reselling.  For some reason the idea of selling our little camper to someone else was making me feel a little sick but trading it made the idea some how easier.  But you loose a fair amount on a trade versus selling on your own.  We have been working with the same dealer - John's RV in Lexington, SC and they were able to work the numbers out in our favor so that we aren't really loosing much by trading our little guy over selling it ourselves.  Shout out to Caleb Gillette!  He is the best.  Good News!! 

Well yesterday we pulled the plug and signed all of the paperwork to purchase the camper pictured above and we traded out little guy.  He's still here with us until they have our new unit ready to pick up.  We have to get out belongings out and clean him up a bit before we take delivery of the new camper.  This is bitter sweet but we are excited about the possibilities. 

We decided on a Keystone Premier 22RB.  He's almost 27 feet long - 26 feet 11 inches to be exact.  It checks off everything on our list of wants...and then some.  As older/senior campers the bed placing is so important and this guy had a walk around bed with a spot for Greg's sleep machine.  For the past 3 years we have been leaving it at home and that's a real no no!!  The color scheme is just perfect with white cabinetry making it feel open and spacious.  The ceilings are high with the rounded top which gives Greg more head room and also adds to the open feel.

The u-shaped dinette is perfect for so many things and gives the kids a full size bed if they ever decide to camp with us.  I love the easy raise shades and no more bumping into mini blinds in the middle of the night on both sides of the bed.  The bathroom is a dream and just what we wanted.  Having a dry bath with a contained shower and an actual sink is so exciting.  No more brushing my teeth in the kitchen sink.  😆

So here he is in all his glory.  As hard as this decision has been we are excited to move on with this guy and enjoy all that our travels have to offer.  We plan to continue to be Little Red Retro in honor of our first little RV and we will sprinkle lots of red and aqua around this camper as well as lots of retro types of gadgets.  Before we know it I'm sure we will feel at home and enjoy the ride.  See you on the road.  

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