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Sunday, July 21, 2019

Camping With Pets...Camp Ramblings and Such.....

This is our little thinker Lucy Loo Lee.  She is just the best camper - she loves the campgrounds, the other dogs and meeting and greeting.  Her very favorite thing is taking walks and meeting all of the other camper dogs.

But...she absolutely hates the ride in the car.  We have tried medications, etc. and they don't help and some even make it worse.  The one thing we have found that helps a little is her little car seat and fastening her in tight.  If she has any leeway she will get angsty and hastles herself into a fit.  Camping without her is just not an option so we keep trying to figure out ways to help her through this.  We make lots of stops and walk her as much as we can.  She gets lots of treats and goodies along the way too and hopefully that makes it worthwhile.  Now that she is our only little four legged cutie we keep thinking that maybe another pet that could camp too might help.  I would love to know if anyone has had luck with that.  We see lots of campers with multiple cats and dogs.  Now that we will have more room it may be a consideration.

In changing to a different type of camper we are trying to figure out what kind of set-ups we need. We currently have a sway bar which has been necessary for our little guy to keep him from weaving like a balloon on a string.  We aren't sure if we will need this with the larger camper.  Also with a double axle we are researching different chocks to be sure we have it secured when parked.  Thank heavens for YouTube....don't know what we would do without it.  Also we definitely need a back-up camera for the camper.  With an additional 11 feet to worry about that is non-negotiable.  The Keystone is wired for the camera so we plan on ordering it before we pick it up.  We'll have to practice backing with it and not coming to blows on the right way to do it.  Parking a camper under any circumstances can be stressful so this is another new learning experience.
Can we talk about all of the STUFF we campers take with us.  Greg just finished cleaning out Little Red to get him ready for his ride to the dealer.  Oh my much stuff.  I truly didn't realize.  I know there are things that you take just in case you might need them and there are things that are just unnecessary. We're working on honing that kind of clutter down and be more mindful about what we take inside the camper.  With more space to fill up it will be a challenge to not do the same thing.  I'm watching lots of videos and perusing Pinterest.  Click on the graphic to read an awesome article on storage tips.  More ideas to come.

We are busy planning our first outing in the Keystone and I will post more info on that as we get closer.  Getting excited...hopefully the week of August 6th will be our delivery date.  Yay!!

See you on the road.....

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